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Double E Ranch

Situated along the southwestern edge of the legendary Gila National Forest, Double E Ranch is a working cattle, horse and guest ranch. The specialty at Double E Ranch was providing our guests with a unique opportunity to experience the undiluted, real sensations of southwestern New Mexico ranch life.

For nearly 18 years, we shared our lives with some very special guests from all around the world. Every week, most years 50 weeks each year we welcomed a new group of folks anxious to pull on their boots, saddle their horse, snug up stampede strings and embark on an adventure they no doubt will remember a lifetime.

From Chris and Al (our very first guests) to Charley and Peggy (our very last guests) and everyone in between: we rode so many miles together through ruggedly spectacular country, chased plenty of wild cows, gathered herds of gentle ones. Our guests made it all happen: brand, castrate, vaccinate, wean, ship. All the Roundups, every Cowgirl Camp, every one of Alan's "wild rides" - it was all about you - our guests. It's true -- sometimes things didn't work out just right: the loop missed, the steer got away, it often took longer than planned, we rode farther than we wanted and were sometimes late for dinner. "Quit" wasn't in your vocabulary. You were often courageous and cowboyed up, when necessary. The 'try' was always in you. You took pride in what you accomplished. You did what had to be done. You rode for the brand.

Our sincere thanks and enormous gratitude to our staff members Lucy, RJ, Preston, and Mark. We couldn't have done it without you.

After lots of late night conversations, we've decided to begin a new adventure - we're gonna retire! Oh, we can't completely give up cattle and horses and the cowboy way. We'll run a few head, enough to keep our horses tuned up and our hearts engaged. This will always be a part of our lives. The road won't be quite so steep, not as rocky, sure as heck not so long. We'll still share great stories around the dinner table with friends, laugh till we cry and remember it all with great fondness.

We will add some of our favorite photos to this page, as time goes on.

We know we'll see some of you along the trail. Keep your butts in the saddle, your eyes on the horizon and live your dreams!


Debbie and Alan

Updated: March 2014

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